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Children Essay Examples

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Special Education and Children

Explanation: Children must be kept safe on outings and staff must make sure they have parental permission to take children on outings. Staff must make sure they have carried out a risk assessment and checked out ways to overcome any issues or hazards which could occur for the children. Transport the children will be using,…

Special Education: Exceptional Children in the Classroom

Abstract Instructional practice designed to be effective in the mainstream-inclusion classroom environment must be one that is readily adaptable yet one that is sensible in its’ application in this unique and exceptional classroom setting. Although there are complications and difficulties inherent in teaching in this environment the ultimate rewards, as well as the daily ones…

Parenting Children with Severe Difficulties

Becoming a parent needs some planning and preparation—mentally, socially and financially. Depending on various circumstances, parents may not be completely prepared when they have children. Still, having a child with severe disabilities could be shocking for some parents. In such cases, the child will need special care and attention from the parents, as well as…



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Psychosocial Impact of Television on Children

Television was once considered a luxury item, however, today is just a commodity. Even low income households have one television set, not only for entertainment but to keep in touch with the happenings around the world. Television, like any other technological advancement, bought with it negatives and positives to the society. It was once only…

The Impact of Divorce on Children

In today’s society there are many children that are affected by their parents getting a divorce or even separating for a long period of time. Children between the ages of 3-5 years old, will often time begin to regress against parental split. Parents often time notice that their child retreats to a milestone already passed….

Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

• AC2.1 Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour It is important that the adult influences of the classroom recognise and praise the positive behaviour of individual pupils – especially those who struggle to maintain good behaviour and tend to be told off more than others. It is also essential to praise constant…

Should Parents Spank Their Children

There are many different ways to educate children but it is sure that parents just spank children when there is no way because no one want to hurt their children. Some people say that “spare the rob and spoil the child”,but I think that parents should not use spank as a punishment for children. People…

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children

Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people. In this essay i will be discussing equality amongst children, inclusion, inclusiveness and diversity and how to put these things mentioned into practise when working with children and young people. 1, Understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in work with children and…

Strategies for Sharing Literature with Young Children

Sharing literature with children at a young age is very important to their childhood development. “Sharing books with very young children not only helps them learn to listen but also to be more attentive and relate various stories to their own life” (Children’s Literature, 2009). After doing Jumpstart for a year I noticed that children…

Obesity in Children

What parents allow their children to eat can affect their bodies and their life. Most children don’t realize the effects of long term illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart condition and high blood pressure. Taxing unhealthful foods and beverages could prove an important strategy to overconsumption and potentially aid in weight loss and…


E2/B1 – There are lots of varied issues, ideas and initiatives that have shaped our understanding on the importance of the way children play. The media plays a big part on influences children’s play today as they are surrounded by entertainment and technology which portrays violence and inappropriate images. As children watch television they may…

How My Children Helped Change My Life

When my children were born, I knew my life was going to change. I started to feel complete with my life the day my son arrived. Even more complete when my little girl was first placed in my arms. My children have been my rock over the last three and a half years. They have…

Appropriate Classroom Behavior for Young Children

Planning an effective classroom environment includes structuring the physical arrangement of the classroom to increase appropriate behaviors, such as engagement, and decrease the probability of challenging behaviors. There are different strategies for structuring the physical classroom include: arranging the classroom to ensure visual monitoring of children, arranging activity centers to support children’s appropriate behaviors (e.g.,…

How We Are Teaching Children to Think Inside the Box

When children come home from school, parents usually sit down with them, go through their homework folders and ask their child, “so, what did you learn at school today?” Twenty years ago, the child may have commented on what they learned in art, music, social studies or geography. Now, a child will comment only on…

Importance of parental involvement in their children education

Substantial quantity of research has been conducted in the area of parental role in their children academic achievement and adjustment. Parental involvement in their children educational activities at early stages involves both creating an enabling environment at home that foster academic attainment and direct involvement in literal skills (Gillian and Bernadette 2006). This is in…

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