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Civil Essay Examples

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Philippine Constitution – Article Iii

Article III Bill of rights – declaration and enumeration of a person’s right and privileges which the Constitution is designed to protect against violations Basis: social importance accorded to the individual in a democratic or republican state Classes of rights 1) Natural rights – right possessed by every citizen without being granted by the State…

Community Colleges which deliver

Module description: This module covers the importance of volunteerism in contributing to an improvement in the quality of life in communities around UTech and Community Colleges which deliver its programmes as well as the wider society. It further unites classroom instructions with real societal needs and explores the relationship between General Education modules and CSP…

Prospectus on Upsc

ABOUT CIVIL SERVICES The Civil Services Exam popularly known as IAS Exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year. It is a combined exam to recruit officers into Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), Indian Audit and Accounts Services, Indian Railway Traffic…



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Adversary vs. Civil Law

The two legal systems in question are the adversary system, most commonly practiced in the United States, and the civil law system, also referred to as the inquisitorial system, most commonly practiced in European countries. Both systems have the same goal; to find the truth. However, each system has a very different path to justice….

Emerson and Thoreau – Two Idealists

Before writing a major piece for a newspaper, a good reporter must do some serious research and investigation to learn more about the piece. In order to investigate these philosophical men and their writings, you will complete two assignments for the assessment for this lesson. Part I. Ralph Waldo Emerson In an essay published in…

Modern History Essay on USA Civil Rights Movement

In the USA from 1865, when slavery was abolished and African American people where supposedly considered separate but equal by the constitution, to the 1960s, when the African Americans where actually considered equal, segregation practises where being endorsed throughout the USA. Segregation was the practice of separating the white Americans and the African Americans. Segregation…

Shuyler’s account on the relationship

Shuyler’s account on the relationship between African American artists and their community and particularly their social responsibility for it, proceeds from the point that recently anticipated revolution of African art was in fact not so much effective in representing general African identity, but instead was limited to American culture: “But these are contributions of a…

Civil Rights Movement

Bob Dylan is one of the most influential figures in music. After more than four decades, this talented poet and gifted songwriter remains to be relevant in the music industry. However, the influence of this amazing musician goes beyond the realm of music. He is also an important part of American history, specifically of the…

The Industrial Workers Movement and the Modern Civil Rights

There are many similarities in the struggles of different organizations to achieve their goals, particularly when those goals are in themselves so similar. This is the case with the Industrial Workers Movement in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and the modern Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Both of these massive movements were human…

Civil Disobedience : Bane of Boon to the Concept of Just Society?

Even as the nations are engaged in tackling the menace of terrorism among its rank and file, the debate over what makes a ‘just society’ has renewed itself with fresh questions evolving out of it, especially from the perspective of civil disobedience, where issues on ethics, emotion, justification and morality are embedded in an inseparable…

Response to “Internationalized Civil War”

Karen Rasler’s essay “Internationalized Civil War: A Dynamic Analysis of the Syrian Intervention in Lebanon” is a highly scientific exploration of what exactly happened when the Syrian military stepped in amidst the internal conflict between the Lebanese Front and the Palestinian Resistance Movement (many other groups were involved at different points, but for simplicity’s sake…

The Syrian conflict through the theories of constructivism and realism

This essay aims to delineate and elucidate the Syrian conflict through the theories of constructivism and realism. Particular attention will be paid to the origin of the Syrian Civil War, along with the major actors involved in this regional, and now international, conflict. “The people want to topple the regime!” was the anti-government graffiti on…

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