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Elementary school Essay Examples

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Homework&Elementary school

Homework can be defined as the tasks given to the students by their class teachers, which has to be completed outside of the class. Homework usually has features that some amount of reading should be performed, writing to be completed, problems to be solved, and other skills to be practiced based on the nature of…

Aligning Elementary School to Middle School Curriculum

There has been an upsurge in curriculum alignment actions among educational institutions in an attempt to reinforce the efficiency and effectiveness of instructions and assessment programs (Marsh & Willis, 2003). The need to eliminate the differences in both learning and teaching has compelled leaders in educational settings to examine the concepts and skills taught in…

Assessing Young Learners’ Speaking Ability in the Fifth Grade of Three Elementary Schools in Padang

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Problem Communicative view development in English learning makes the focus on English teaching changed. What once became structurally focused, it now moves toward meaningful language-focused. Students are not asked to memorize structure-based dialogues without knowing the meaning anymore. There are no more grammatically controlled sentences for students’ meaningless…



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Parental Involvement And Its Relationship To Discipline In Elementary Schools

There is a plethora of research on books, journal articles, and stand-alone reports on the subject of parental involvement and its relationship to discipline in schools. These writings include research reports, expert opinions, theory papers, program descriptions, and guidelines for how to address this issue. Many of these reports are informative and useful, and because…

Elementary School-based HIV prevention education

HIV-prevention is important if the global efforts to eradicate AIDS epidemic will be realistic. A school based programme is also essential as most school age children are adolescents and new HIV infection (incidence) is common among adolescents of school age and providing such with prevention education empowers them towards personal protection. Furthermore, it is important…

The Navigation of young Adolescents from elementary school to Middle School

The period of young adolescent is a very challenging and transformational period for the child. There are tremendous bodily and mental changes taking place which places significant amount of stress on the children, as well parents and the educators involved in dealing with this age group. This age group requires an unusual and sensitive team…

NCTM standards for elementary school mathematics

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a teacher support organization to improve the learning standards of mathematics and ensuring equitable access to quality mathematics teaching and learning, the organization is focused on research, professional development, advocacy, equity and curriculum instruction and assessment. The council developed ten standards based on the mathematical content and…

Current trends in teaching growth patterns of children in elementary school

Elementary schools for children have gained much attention especially in this 21st century. It is believe that the foundations laid at early childhood education have much influence on the whole learning process. It is at early stages that the intellectual development should be monitored, (Zhang, A. , Sayre J. W. , Vachon, L. 2009). The…

Elementary School Literature Class

The biography genre allows the reader to learn about the events in the life of a non-fictional character. An example would be the book Rocks in His Head by Carol Hurst. After reading the text, the students may then be required to complete a character biography which would outline personal information about the character, interesting…

High School and Local Elementary School

It feels like just yesterday I was in high school, without cares just making my portfolio. Now, it’s been a couple years since college and I’m trying to adjust to married life. It’s been about a year or so since I got hitched. I’m getting ready to have my first child, Winter. I hope to…

High School and Rizal Elementary School

A week after celebrating the Day of Valor on the fourth month of the Roman calendar in the year of Rat, I was born one evening in a city called the financial capital of the country that was colonized by Spaniards for more than three hundred years after it was discovered by a famous Portuguese…

High School and Cruz Elementary School

Introduction The prime function of education is to prepare men and women for life and service. As such, it does not only develop the mental, moral, and spiritual capacities but also the physical powers of man. This is not an easy task for the teachers, guidance counselors and administrators to perform. It demands special facilities…

Computers are not confined to being used for entertainment but its role in education is also vast

A. Introduction A library is a place in which literary and artistic materials such as books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, prints, records, and tapes, are kept for reading, reference or lending. A collection of such materials, especially when systematically arranged; a room of private home for such collection. At first glance, your library is a bunch…

Middle School

So I am not really ready for middle school and btw my name is Aniah Stitt and I am leaving the 5th grade from Reedy Creek Elementary. I am really scared because I was supposed to go to a school called Northridge Middle and that is a really bad school! People say they have bad…

Elementary School and Middle School

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is something we all have or had to do! Most kids cringe at the thought of making this huge step in life. For many students this transition can be a time of mixed emotions. Having been through this experience, I will compare and contrast the two, hoping that…

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