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Kennedy Flashcards Essay Examples

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Which technique did Kennedy use to encourage America’s participation in supporting human rights throughout the world? an appeal to logic and science an appeal to the fear of communism an appeal to authority and credibility an appeal to moral responsibility an appeal to moral responsibility Which statement is true? Kennedy wanted to give an inspiring…

Kennedy and the Cold War

What two responses were immediately debated? invasion, naval quarantine Why did President Kennedy maintain his official schedule? to avoid scaring the public Based on the map, why would the president want to take quick action to stop the building of the missile sites? The map shows that nuclear missiles launched from Cuba could strike almost…

Kennedy and a New Frontier

Which statement best describes President Kennedy’s domestic agenda? Kennedy’s domestic agenda was an ambitious plan during a time of great change for the United States. How was the Soviet orbital flight in 1961 related to the Apollo program? It inspired the United States to establish the Apollo program. Why did Apollo astronauts perform experiments on…



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Kennedy and the Cold War By LegitSwag69

It happened outside in a public place, where many people had gathered to watch him drive by. How did the environment in which Kennedy was assassinated contribute to its tragic impact? to help developing nations improve health care, agriculture, and other areas Which best describes the purpose of President Kennedy’s Peace Corps program? to send…

Kennedy and the Cold War.

When the Space Race began, the United States realized that The USSR could use rockets to carry nuclear weapons. The United States formed NASA in 1958 to Lead its own space program. President Kennedy contributed to the civil rights movement by appointing African Americans to Government positions. When did the Bay of Pigs invasion into…

Kennedy and a New Frontier

Who was the first African American student to challenge segregation at University of Mississippi? James Meredith How did President Kennedy address civil rights? He proposed national civil rights legislation. How did television affect national mourning in the days after President Kennedy’s death? It had a strong impact because special news reports brought the tragic events…

Johnson’s Great Society

Which act prohibited discrimination in the selling or renting of homes? the Fair Housing act of 1968 How did the goals of President Kennedy and President Johnson compare? Both men supported laws and programs that were designed to bring about a more equal society. Following the implementation of several Great Society programs, high school graduation…

kennedy and a new frontier

warm up Section 1 00:00:00 TEACHER: Hello, and welcome to class. If you look at this photo right here, you can see President Kennedy, and he’s meeting various Peace Corps volunteers. And this is actually really personal for me because I had a number of friends, when we graduated from college, they joined the Peace…

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy president during part of the cold war and especially during the superpower rivalry and the cuban missile crisis. he was the president who went on tv and told the public about hte crisis and allowed the leader of the soviet uinon to withdraw their missiles. other events, which were during his terms…

History- Kennedy and a New Frontier

Which environmental issue did President Kennedy champion? the establishment of national seashores During the early 1960s, NASA’s Mercury program sent Americans into space. Who was the first African American student to challenge segregation at University of Mississippi? James Meredith Which program did President Kennedy establish to help other nations? the Peace Corps What was the…

History- Test Review

The Warren Court’s decision about prayer in public schools outlawed official prayers in public schools. In April of 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. had come to Memphis to speak in support of a labor strike. How did the Tet Offensive affect the South Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War? It left many South Vietnamese towns…

History Topic Test

As a result of Henderson v. United States (1950), C. segregation on interstate forms of transportation was outlawed What was one effect of Jackie Robinson’s joining Major League Baseball? C.Other minorities began to play professional baseball When some people reacted negatively to Jackie Robinson’s presence on the Brooklyn Dodgers, baseball officials B.actively worked to stop…

Final Exam 2012 -US History Civil Rights Movement; Kennedy & Johnson Years Set 3

What was the outcome of the Alliance for Progress? Relations between the United States and Latin America improved. The Bay of Pigs invasion was an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro Kennedy prevented completion of missile bases in Cuba by approving a naval blockade. What issue led to the construction of the Berlin Wall? America’s refusal…

cold war

Explain why the Cold War had broken out between 1945 and 1950. there were deep ideological differences between the USA (capitalist) and the Soviet Union (communist) American President Truman and the Soviet leader Stalin did not trust each other the distrust between the USA and the Soviet Union intensified when the Americans developed the atomic…

Chapter 26/27–Cold War & Politics

western allies United States, Great Britian, Soviet Union cold war (1947-1989) tense and hostile relationship between between two superpowers (US & USSR); cold-hostility stopped short of direct arm conflict impact of WWII on Soviet Union made supreme wartime sacrifices (lost 20 million+ citizens) and agricultural/industrial capacity; first instance of Soviet expansionism after World War II…

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