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Learners Essay Examples

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A Tale of Four Learners Summary

Bernice McCarthys’ essay, “A Tale of Four Learners,” is about her classifications of the different types of learners based on the system she created, THE 4MAT. The four types of learners are: Type 1 learners, Type 2 learners, Type 3 learners, and Type 4 learners. The names of the people she uses in the essay…

Diverse Learners Lessons

In today education system, there have been an increase of the diversity in the classrooms and thus, we have been forced to look for the best lesson plans of which will be used to suit all the categories of individuals in the society. With this, the diverse learner have been identified to be different from…

Students who are slow learners

As a teacher, I believe that slow learners should not be taken for granted and instead they should be given more attention in order to help them learn (Pagewise 2002). As a way to help these students learn and cope with the lessons, I will first position their seats by letting them seat in front…



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A Researched Investigation on Best Practices for English Language Learners

ELL students represent a large percentage of the population within schools in the United States. This group of students is actually increasing more than that of English speaking students. (Shore, 2001). This group also has a very high drop out rate, coupled with low ranking grades, academic achievement and scholarly expectations. Truly, ELL students are…

English Language Learners at the Elementary Level

During English learning sessions, learners who are not native English speakers or those who English is not their first language have been identified to have anxiety and a sense of being alienated in to a language they do not belong or understand, have found themselves in crisis when trying to pass information using a language…

English Language Learners

English Language Learners (ELLS) are usually foreigners who composed the minority students of the country. Even if they are not native citizens of the United States there needs and rights should be properly respected and protected especially in terms of the process of their learning of the English language. The succeeding paragraphs will discuss some…

Extensive Reading for Efl Learners: a Library Research

Abstract Most of EFL learners do not like reading and they rarely read. It is because some factors such as difficult reading material, uninteresting material and low motivation to read. However, reading skill is important skill to improve learners’ ability in learning a language. From reading, the learners will get much exposure to the language….

Teaching English Vocabulary Through Pictures for Young Learners

1.1 Background All languages consist of words. Languages emerge first as words, both historically, and in terms of the way each of us learned our first and any subsequent languages. Vocabulary plays an important role because it appears in every language skills. Mastering vocabulary is very important for the students who learn English as a…

Creating Effective Learning Environments for Learners

Introduction Environment is all the physical and social conditions that surround and can influence a person’s health. A learner’s physical environment on the other hand include the class surrounding like locker ,chairs and other items that are physical found either inside or outside and around the class. Social environment refers to the immediate social setting…

Communication and Learners

Much of my research was carried out online and I have included my written research notes and sources. Teacher net (2010) says “Adopting an approach to your teaching which draws on research and evidence should help you in reviewing and developing your practice”. With this in mind I considered Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs motivational model…

ESL learners feel anxious when doing reading comprehension tests

This paper will explore in depth all the implications of the claim that ESL learners feel anxious when doing reading comprehension tests. First of all, the psychological and social causes of anxiety in ESL speakers during reading comprehension assignments will be explored and analyzed. Secondly, the level of anxiety will be assessed. Finally, the paper…

Research-based Strategies for English Language Learners

Today, it is common in schools to combine English language learners of differing ability in one class. Students are classified according to their English language ability in order to facilitate cooperative learning groups and to track their progress. A student’s English language ability can be classified into ELL (Emergent language learner) – someone who has…

My philosophy on the fundamental principles

Facilitation of learning sessions for adults in both corporate environments and more informal contexts require facilitators to first have an understanding of a number of issues. In any situation that involves learning or the transfer of knowledge, I believe that the teacher or facilitator, depending on the context, must have a knowledge of how and…

Understanding of English Language Learners

Are short-answer questions better than multiple-choice questions for assessing the understanding of English language learners? Assessment is an essential and vital source of information about students’ language-learning needs (Gibbons, 2002). Assessments are a good way for teachers to get an idea of what their students already know and good at and to assess and evaluate…

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