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"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" terms and Mark Twain info

When did Mark Twain die?
April 21, 1910

When was Mark Twain born?
November 30,1835

Where was he born?
Florida, Missouri

A recurring element in a story that serves to unify

Five motifs for “Tom Sawyer”
1) spying, 2) dreams, 3) superstitions, 4) midnight, 5) thunder storms

3rd person omniscient
All knowing; godlike.

What point of view is “Tom Sawyer” written in?
3rd person omniscient

Arranged in order of time

In what order is “Tom Sawyer” told?
Chronological order

Heightened description

An example of imagery in “Tom Sawyer”
The thunderstorm on the island

Writing that ridicules or makes fun of people’s mistakes and weaknesses.

Example of satire in “Tom Sawyer”
Injun Joe’s death/funeral

Weakness of a character

Example of foible in “Tom Sawyer”
Aunt Polly with the medicine, bravado

A light amusing story that ends happily for the hero

Writing that treats serious subjects seriously

Comic Relief
A break in the tension that is provided through a humerus moment or action.

Example of comic relief in “Tom Sawyer”
superstitions and pact in blood

The use of hints or clues in literature to suggest action that is to come.

Example of foreshadowing in “Tom Sawyer”
the ticking in the wall which indicates someone will die and then doc robinson dies

Examples of spying in “Tom Sawyer”
1.) in the graveyard
2.) Huck spying on room #2
3.) Tom spying on aunt Polly from under the bed
5.) Becky spying on alfred
6.) on the island the boys spy on the ferry boat
7.) the boys spied on their own funeral
8.) Sid is always spying on Tom

Examples of dreams in “Tom Sawyer”
1 Tom’s fake dream
2 dream about rats
3 Tom thought the haunted house was so horrible it must have been a dream.
4 Becky was “dreaming” of heaven
5Tom and Aunt Polly had a dream after the murder
6 Toms dream of finding the gold/treasure

Examples of references to midnight in “Tom Sawyer”
1.) murder scene happened around midnight
5.) the boys ran away at midnight
6.) the thunder storms hit around midnight

Examples of thunderstorms in “Tom Sawyer”
2.) the thunderstorm on island
3.) Tom fell sick and the thunderstorm hit
4.) thunder was rumbling in the distance during the murder scene

What is Mark Twain’s real name?
Samuel Langhorne Clemens

What happened when Mark Twain was born and when he died?
The Halley’s Comet

How many children were in Mark Twain’s family?

What river was important to him as a child?
The Mississippi

What did he and his friends want to be when the grew up?
River boat pilots

What century do we live in?

What century did Mark Twain live in?
The 19th mostly

Who else was a nineteenth century writer?
Charles Dickens

What war was Mark Twain in?
In the Civil War

How many children did MT have?
Three girls and a boy

What are some of his inventions?
A scrap book, a trivia game, and a collar thing

What color suite was he most famous for?

What animal was his first book/story about?
A frog.

When did his wife die?

What trouble was he having with money?
He was going bankrupt

When was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” published?

What job did his father pursue?
He was a lawyer

When did his father die?

Who was Mark Twain inspired by?
Horace Bigsby

What does Mark mean?
boating term which means “safe waters”

What does Twain mean?
A set of two

About six feet in depth

What is another one of Mark Twain’s famous books?
“Roughing It”

Who did he marry?
Olivia Langdon

What city did MT fall in love with?
Hartford, Connecticut

What piece of land/house did he make
Nook farm

Where did he live?
Hannibal, Missouri

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