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Unit 7 Common Assessment

Which best describes the lives of black South Africans during apartheid?
Blacks as well as non-whites were discriminated against in terms of housing, travel, employment, and education.

Why did artificial boundaries created by Europeans cause conflict in Africa?
The boundaries separated some ethnic groups and forced other ethnic groups to live together.

Which term refers to the desire for advancement or independence?

How did people living in other countries outside of Africa support ending European control of Africa?
They began the Pan-African movement

Which of these is a TRUE statement about the impact of civil war and conflict on the regions of Africa?
The quality of and quantity of food is reduced.

Why did the European system of colonialism create such a great desire for self-rule within the African people?
The European system of colonialism was based on inequality.

Which of the following occurred under South Africa’s apartheid government system?
Whites and non-whites had separate schools and hospitals

Which of the following is a cause of Africa’s modern day political boundaries, civil wars, and conflict?
European colonization of Africa

What was the impact of the Pan-African Movement on the continent of Africa?
The movement inspired Africans to unite against imperialism and colonialism

Which explains the role of Nelson Mandela in the anti-apartheid movement?
He was internationally recognized leader of the movement against apartheid.

What event is most closely associated with the end of apartheid?
The election of Nelson Mandela as president

What role did Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk play in the evolution of apartheid?
They worked to abolish or end apartheid

How did Europeans express nationalism by partitioning Africa?
By expanding their empires by gaining wealth through exploiting African people and natural resources

What was the purpose of the Pan African movement?
To develop a unified political identity

In South Africa, black people had to carry passes to leave their homelands and travel. What policy does this represent?

Who was the South African leader responsible for ending apartheid?
F. W. de Klerk

Which of these statements BEST describes the reason for European colonization of Africa?
Europeans wanted raw materials not available in Europe

What two African countries were never colonized by Europeans?
Ethiopia and Liberia

What European nation colonized South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya?
Great Britain

After World War II, what led to the independence of many African nations?

What was the name of the conference in which European powers carved up Africa into numerous colonies?
Berlin Conference

Which one of the following is a result of the European colonization of Africa?
Ethnic conflicts and civil war

What was the name of the small Dutch colony in South Africa that was used as a shipping port?
Cape of Good Hope

Which two groups that once fought against one another formed a powerful white minority to oppress black South Africans?
Afrikaners and British

What type of nationalist movement occurred in South Africa?
Peaceful protests

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