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WH: Contemporary Issues

In what nation did the Soviet Union place missiles, which U.S. President John F. Kenney saw as a threat to the United States?

What nation experienced the Velvet Revolution, a peaceful and non-violent movement to remove Communists from power?

Which of the following is NOT true about the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War?
President Richard Nixon developed the theory of détente, in which two SALT treaties were created to increase U.S. holdings of nuclear weapons and anti-ballistic missiles.

Which union created the first man-made satellite, prompting the US to develop what?
Soviet Union; NASA

What is important about the Cuban Missile Crisis?
it was the closest the world had ever come to a nuclear war

To what did the U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education refer?
racial segregation in American schools

Mikhail Gorbachev’s concept of glasnost called for more openness in public affairs in an attempt to improve the Soviet Union’s poor economy. (T/F)

Vietnam had been a colony controlled by what nation prior to World War II?

Who came to power in China, instituting a Communist regime that would bring great suffering to the nation’s people?
Mao Zedong

Fidel Castro
lawyer, led Cuban Rev in late 1950s, improved health car, life expectancy, and literacy rates but limited personal freedoms, relied heavily on SU for financial support

Eva Peron
Born in Los Toldos, Argentina, age 15 left for Buenos Aires to pursue career in acting and radio. Later becomes wife to Juan Domingo Peron (president). Pushed for care for poor and working class. died of cancer

communist force in southern Vietam that luanched a guerrilla to overthrow Diem’s gov’t

What has happened to the leadership of Cuba since Fidel Castro stepped down due to illness?
His brother, Raul, has taken Fidel’s place.

In which country did Eva Perón work with her husband, President Juan Perón, to improve the lives of the poor and working class?

What agreement was signed in 1992 between the United States, Mexico, and Canada?
the North American Free Trade Agreement

Gulf of Tonkin Tesolution
permitting further American involvement with out seeking a declaration of war from congress

Identify what happened in 1989 in Tiananmen Square.
Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters were killed by the Chinese government.

North Korea’s Capitalist economy has surged over the last decade due to surging exports. (T/F)

Which of the following is NOT true about Nelson Mandela?
He led Israeli forces during the Six-Day War.

In which country were apartheid laws created that prohibited interracial marriage and otherwise segregated the races?
South Africa

Select the nation that was created in 1948 in the Middle East to provide a homeland for the Jews.

During the 1990s, the United States became involved in a military dispute involving which nations?
Iraq and Kuwait

Some parts of Africa were still colonies in 1970. (T/F)

Tet offencsive
Northern vietam with Vietcong surprise Southern Vietnam on new year, called Tet.

Juan Peron
dictator in Argentina

Augusto Pinochet
dictator in Chile

Manuel Noriega
dictator in Panama

which country was previously controlled by britain
South Africa

Why was it difficult for South Afrikaners to escape apartheid?
Dutch settlers remained in political control over the region and enacted apartheid laws based on race, for ex. interracial marriages were prohibited

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